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It has been a while since I created a gastronomic dinner for Thanksgiving. In fact the last time I created a nine course dinner we were living in San Francisco. This year it was just the family with five kids running around at home in Atlanta. You can see the menu and the photos here.

It took three days to design the menu - I must have gone through about five drafts. And then based on the ingredients available in the market, I made final modifications to the menu. Here is the final nine courses that I served:

  • Cantaloupe soup with basil and olive oil sorbet
  • Tandoor grilled scallops with baby zucchini and balsamic reduction
  • Tomato gazpacho with tomato sorbet
  • Pan fried striped bass with salsify salad
  • Rotisserie Cornish hens, cranberry kumquat relish, chestnut stuffing, stir fried acorn squash with red peppercorns
  • Watermelon soup with gooseberries
  • Rose petal ice cream in coconut saffron sauce
  • Saffron poached pears
  • Cheese and fruit plate (epoisses, gruyere, plum reduction, honeydew melon, baby toasts)

The rose petals were from our rose bush in the back yard. I dropped the stilton from the poached pears at the last minute (that was the continuity to the cheese plate); instead I added the honeydew melon to the cheese plate to make it more balanced. This was after the menu was printed, so in photos you will see the menu has stilton in it.

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