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Breakfast | India trip

As I walked into the restaurant at 7:15 am, I saw that in addition to the tables with white tablecloth inside, there were a few tables out in the courtyard. A waiter approached me and started leading me to a table. I asked if I could sit outside and his response was, "it is not very nice out today." I was thinking it would be muggy and hot, but the waiter proceeded to that, "it is too cold outside." I stepped out to check it for myself. The temperature was just perfect - mid to high 60's - there were birds singing, and the tables were under the shade of trees. I could not pass this up for the fluorescent and cool inside.

The food was quite amazing. My favorites were the dragon fruit, the scrambled eggs with asparagus, and the tall glass of lychee juice (I had to go for seconds on the juice).
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