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Saravana Bhavan | India trip

About eight years ago a colleague, ST, worked with me for six months in San Francisco. Apparently those six months was quite impactful. ST looked me up and set up a dinner meeting for Tuesday night. He is from South India and is also a vegetarian, so he recommended a great South Indian vegetarian restaurant in Delhi called Saravana Bhavan. The owner of this restaurant has also recently opened another restaurant in Decatur, Atlanta.

Saravana Bhavan is a small, modest place. We decided that we should order many different things in small quantities. I let ST do the ordering. We ended up with a 5 course meal but we had none of the usual items we order in a South Indian restaurant in the US (e.g. masala dosa, etc.). Most of the items were completely new to me and dinner was absolutely delectable.

Over dinner we had many years of catch up to do. ST and I went through very similar events in life over these years, we both had two children, had our fathers pass away, relocated a few times, grew individually and so on. Even though we had not talked for almost seven years, we did not miss a beat - it felt like we had known each other for a long time. After dinner we took a stroll in front of India gate in Downtown Delhi to finish our conversation before returning to the hotel.
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