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Getting down to work | India trip

Wednesday was the first day of the two day workshop that brought me to Delhi. Yesterday afternoon, the jetlag had hit me hard, so I was hoping that I would be better adjusted today. After breakfast at the hotel (this time they had fresh watermelon juice) I got in the car which was waiting for me out front. Every ride is an adventure in Delhi - the sights, the traffic (families on motor bikes, overloaded buses, ...), and all the little events along the way like a divine cow trying to cross the highway in rush hour.

Late afternoon, the jetlag hit me again, but not as hard as yesterday. We took a break to get some coffee and continued with work. Dinner was set up at a restaurant called Caraway in the Grand Hotel in Delhi. Caraway is known for its amazing kebabs. I had dined there before, three years ago, so I had some idea of what to expect. The kebabs are some of the best you can get anywhere in the world, but the overall quality and finesse is not quite like the Tamarind in The Mayfair, London.
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