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Pind Balluchi | India trip

Vinni arrived in Delhi from Houston last night. We had planned to meet up for lunch today with Ruchir. Both Ruchir and Vinni are vegetarian, so they picked a place that had good vegetarian food, this time North Indian, called Pind Balluchi. The apetizers were particularly good. We spent a good two hours catching up in a relaxed setting.

This trip did not allow for much sight seeing because the whole time was packed with work. I need to head back to the US quickly so I could not make time for a longer trip. But my big takeaways were how much the Indian society and economy has progressed in the last several years, how bustling and large our company is in India. It is also the age of the free agent here because of how fast the economy is growing. None of these things are visible from Houston. Hearing about it does not give one the same appreciation as soaking it up by being there.

I am going to the airport shortly to head back home. The first leg of the journey is a 20 hour flight from Delhi to Newark so I will need to get some sleep. I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into my trip. I will write again on other topics in the future.
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