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Turkey Day

This years thanksgiving was our first one in Texas. The big change from the recent past was that my father was not around any more. Shahed was living in Atlanta, and my mother went to visit them there for Thanksgiving. So, it was Rashed with his family, Janice’s mother and us.

As usual, I went through several iterations of the menu before converging onan eight course meal with heritage turkey as the main course. The original version on paper had nine courses, but since I ended up with the heritage turkey with sides (by popular demand), I ended up dropping a course. I also shopped for wine to pair with each course. Here is the menu:
  • Roasted red pepper sorbet with cucumber broth
  • Grilled eggplant with coconut curry sauce
  • Wild mushroom tortellini with creamy truffle sauce
  • Grilled salmon belly served with pumpkin wedges stir fried with Szechuan peppers
  • Heritage turkey with cranberry relish and chestnut stuffing
  • Perrier sorbet with pineapple soup
  • Grilled pears with pear coulis and crème fraiche
  • Chocolate mousse in chocolate wafers with raspberry sauce

The funny moment was after the fourth course Janice's mother ran upstairs and went to bed -- she was not up until next morning. We think one wine with each course was too much for her.

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