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Visiting India 4

I was Bangalore for the first time this week. For dinner last night the team arranged for us to eat at a South Indian restaurant that specializes in food from Kerala. First, I have to say, what an incredible culinary experience, so exquisite, such a different level from any other South Indian food I have had (all previous South Indian culinary experience was physically not in South India since this was my first trip).

We started off with a round of appetizers and a Sauvignon Blanc (Sula) from India. Kerala, being a coastal state, is big on fish and sea food. We had giant, curried prawns and spicy, pan-fried pomfret among other things. The Kerala curry flavor is distinctly different from that of northern India.

For the main course, they brought out these large, banana-leaf lined copper platters. On the platter were several small bowls to hold the different curries (see photo to the right). They first brought out the carbs, all made of rice flour—neer dosa (foreground center), rice noodles with coconut (foreground left) and appam (rice pancakes which I finished before taking this photo). Then came the various different curries.

As the waiter came by with the different curries, I nodded for the ones that I wanted—I tried five of them. There was a mutton curry, a fish curry, a shrimp curry, a very tangy vegetable curry, and a coconut vegetarian curry which was white in color. They all were very distinctly different from any Indian curries I have had in the past. The curries went well with the Sula Sauvignon Blanc.

At the end of the meal I was very full but not overly so, and quite content. It was absolutely delectable and an evening I will remember for a long time. Thanks to the team in Bangalore for organizing it and ordering all the right items from the menu.
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