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For this year’s thanksgiving I decided to make a nine course dinner including a turkey main course. There were eighteen people—twelve adults and six children. One guest was vegetarian, so I also made some vegetarian alternatives for some of the courses. You can view the photographs from the dinner here. There were some new items in the menu that I was making for the first time, including the carrot sorbet with pea soup as the starter and the pan fried haddock topped with roasted foie gras. Here is the complete menu:

Carrots and peas, a new interpretation
Carrot sorbet in pea soup

Endive and Persimmon salad
with walnuts, shaved Piave Stravecchio, pomegranate dressing

Slow cooked French lentils

Pan fried haddock topped with roasted foie gras
or sautéed oyster mushrooms
with sautéed asparagus and balsamic reduction

Whole roasted brined turkey
or Fettucine with basil, lemon pesto
Chestnut stuffing, mashed celeriac and cranberry sauce

Watermelon soup with gooseberries

Mascarpone sorbet

Marbleized coconut chocolate wafers
with cinnamon chocolate mousse and raspberry sauce

Cheese and fruit plate
Epoisses, Algape Gruyere, Quadrello di Bufala, Petit Pyrenees

I served the first course shortly after 4pm so that the main course could be timed with the children's dinner time at 6pm. We seated the children at the kitchen table. Dinner lasted until about 9pm. We took some breaks between courses to mingle and play/listen to the piano. At the end of dinner we also went around the table to say what each of us was thankful for this year.

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