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Spring Break

For Spring break this year we went to Joshua Tree National Park in California. There we met up with Janice's mom, Richard and Tamara, and Tamara's parents Carol and Henry. Richard had arranged for an historic adobe house at Twentynine Palms just north of the Park. Click here to view the photographs from the trip and scroll down for a map.

We flew into Ontario, California and drove 104 miles to the adobe at Twentynine Palms arriving late Monday evening. The next day after breakfast we headed out to the White Tank camp ground at the National Park which was about 10 miles from the cabin. After pitching the tents and setting up our camp site we went for long hikes totaling a few miles. We stopped for a quick picnic lunch on a large rock. Later in the afternoon we came back to the adobe and grilled some super-fresh salmon for dinner. Right around sunset we all headed back to the campsite. We set up a campfire, roasted marshmallows and told stories. Around 8:30 pm I headed back to the adobe with Janice's mom and Tamara's mom. Richard, Tamara, Henry, Janice, Wesley and Unity stayed back to spend the night in the tents.

I fell asleep just a few minutes after getting back to the adobe. Around midnight there was a knock on the window next to my bed. I jumped up a bit startled. Turns out it was Janice with Unity and Wesley. Apparently the kids fell asleep fine but they woke up later and could not go back to sleep because they were too cold.

The next day we spent hiking several more miles on a different set of trails in the National Park, making our way to the town of Joshua Tree (just north of the Park) for a late lunch. Along the way we had picked some juniper berries which I used to make lamb stew for dinner that night which was a big hit.

We had a 6 am flight the next morning, so after a 4-hour sleep we packed up and headed out to Ontario, CA at around 2:30 am. This was my first hiking trip since the new hips—I did pretty well considering I hiked several miles over two days without any pain or other issues. Below is a topographical map of where we were and the red push pins are where the photographs were taken.

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