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Turkey Day

This years thanksgiving was our first one in Texas. The big change from the recent past was that my father was not around any more. Shahed was living in Atlanta, and my mother went to visit them there for Thanksgiving. So, it was Rashed with his family, Janice’s mother and us.
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Pind Balluchi | India trip

Vinni arrived in Delhi from Houston last night. We had planned to meet up for lunch today with Ruchir. Both Ruchir and Vinni are vegetarian, so they picked a place that had good vegetarian food, this time North Indian, called Pind Balluchi. The apetizers were particularly good. We spent a good two hours catching up in a relaxed setting. Read More...

Indian breakfast | India trip

This morning I decided to have an Indian breakfast and watermelon juice. It was a traditional vegetarian breakfast with puri, idli, sambar, chick peas, and other items. It was so good that I went for several helpings and ended up eating too much.

Getting more done | India trip

The second day of the workshop was even more productive than the yesteray. As a team we hit a stride, and although at different times it felt like we were jumping around the topics a lot, the conversations actually converged into a set of decisions. There was some serious out of the box thinking and we tested our ideas again real-life scenarios of the past as well as some future potential scenarios. We had filled all the whiteboards along the 3 walls of the room several times over. The work day ended with a checkpoint with Alan.

Some of us decided to unwind at the Punjabi restaurant right across the street from the office. The kebabs were incredible once again, including the vegetarian ones. We stayed there until they closed at 11:00.

Getting down to work | India trip

Wednesday was the first day of the two day workshop that brought me to Delhi. Yesterday afternoon, the jetlag had hit me hard, so I was hoping that I would be better adjusted today. After breakfast at the hotel (this time they had fresh watermelon juice) I got in the car which was waiting for me out front. Every ride is an adventure in Delhi - the sights, the traffic (families on motor bikes, overloaded buses, ...), and all the little events along the way like a divine cow trying to cross the highway in rush hour.

Late afternoon, the jetlag hit me again, but not as hard as yesterday. We took a break to get some coffee and continued with work. Dinner was set up at a restaurant called Caraway in the Grand Hotel in Delhi. Caraway is known for its amazing kebabs. I had dined there before, three years ago, so I had some idea of what to expect. The kebabs are some of the best you can get anywhere in the world, but the overall quality and finesse is not quite like the Tamarind in The Mayfair, London.

Saravana Bhavan | India trip

About eight years ago a colleague, ST, worked with me for six months in San Francisco. Apparently those six months was quite impactful. ST looked me up and set up a dinner meeting for Tuesday night. He is from South India and is also a vegetarian, so he recommended a great South Indian vegetarian restaurant in Delhi called Saravana Bhavan. The owner of this restaurant has also recently opened another restaurant in Decatur, Atlanta. Read More...

Breakfast | India trip

As I walked into the restaurant at 7:15 am, I saw that in addition to the tables with white tablecloth inside, there were a few tables out in the courtyard. A waiter approached me and started leading me to a table. I asked if I could sit outside and his response was, "it is not very nice out today." I was thinking it would be muggy and hot, but the waiter proceeded to that, "it is too cold outside." I stepped out to check it for myself. The temperature was just perfect - mid to high 60's - there were birds singing, and the tables were under the shade of trees. I could not pass this up for the fluorescent and cool inside.

The food was quite amazing. My favorites were the dragon fruit, the scrambled eggs with asparagus, and the tall glass of lychee juice (I had to go for seconds on the juice).

Visiting India

It has been over 3 years since I have been to India. A lot has changed during this period. Gurgaon, where the Sapient office is located, has become an even more bustling part of the city with several new glass and concrete towers in the skyline. Sapient now has a new office located in one of these buildings - new since summer 2004.

The last time I visited, I was...