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"I can" is contageous

Each one of the TEDIndia 2009 talks has been fantastic but this one is my favorite so far. This woman, Kiran Sethi, is inspiring hundreds of thousands of children to take charge. The impact she is going to have by empowering children over the next decade (and beyond) is incredible. I watched it with my eight year old daughter, Unity, and she loved it as well. Then she and I discussed what she learned. You have to watch this ten minute talk to see how Kiran Sethi is changing the world.

Brain Magic

Here is an interesting clip from TED on Brain Magic. The most fascinating part for me was the "second sight" where Keith Barry drives blindfolded while "seeing" through the eyes of the woman in the passenger seat. If anyone knows how this is possible or how it is done please let me know. The voodoo stuff was also quite interesting—curious to know how this is done as well. This video is just under 20 minutes long. Enjoy!

Weak and shit

Here is a serious but funny study of crack dealer organizations and culture by famed economist Steven Levitt and sociologist Sudhir Venkatesh of the University of Chicago. One of my favorite moments is when Sudhir was with the gang members in an abandoned housing project and discovers that the correct answer to the first question in his survey is "E" (not A, B, C or D)—you have to see the video for context. And my other favorite is the explanation by the gang leaders and the board of directors that they pay themselves more so that they don't appear "weak and shit." This video is about 21 minutes long; it is absolutely hilarious and very insightful.