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Getting Old Together

Janice and I have been planning a small bash with family and close friends for my 40th birthday. The theme was “Getting Old Together,” with the key word being together. Two key challenges were that most of our friends don’t live in Houston and that we had just moved into a new home so we had to get it furnished on a deadline. We also needed to choose a caterer for the party and pick the wines to pair.

We invited everyone early in the summer so that those who could come would have enough time to make travel plans. We went furniture shopping almost every weekend and over many weeks finally got the house together with the right furniture and artwork. Initially the lead time that some of the furniture stores would ask for (2-6 months) was a rather frustrating experience but later we came to realize that we didn't like a lot of the traditional design. In the end we ended up in the right place both from design and a budget perspective. During summer we also tried a few restaurants and close on one in our part of town. Once we finalized the menu during a tasting I went and bought the wines for each course.

The party was a tremendous success from my perspective. We got to hang out with great friends, talked, laughed, joked, listened, remembered, mused, played old music and, of course we wined and dined a six course dinner while being served by a full staff of waiters/waitresses and chefs at the comfort of your home. After dinner a few people had to leave early to relieve the baby sitters at home but the rest of us had some single malts and then jumped in the pool and the hot tub. Sometime in the wee hours we went to bed (several people stayed at our place) and the people staying in downtown left.

Next morning I didn't feel any older but I had a great memory of being together with friends the night before and some
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