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Photos of my wedding

I have finally scanned in the negatives from my wedding photos, edited and posted them up here. I had originally printed only one of these photos. I stored the rest of the negatives away in archival quality sleeves. When I pulled out the box of negatives recently I noticed that there was no fading or discoloration. A couple of the negatives had minor scratches but I think that must have been from the time when I originally developed them. Putting them through the scanner at a very high resolution you can start to see how grainy the Kodak TMAX 400 film is and also that the manual focussing of yesteryear was never as quick or precise as today's autofocus lenses.

Looking through the photos again brought back a lot of memories. It was a very small wedding with only seven people including ourselves. It is quite amazing how young Janice and I looked when we got married. I think our children will appreciate getting a glimpse into the past.

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