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Visiting San Antonio

The weekend after thanksgiving we decided to take a road trip to San Antonio. We packed and loaded up in the minivan and headed out after breakfast. The plan was to see the Alamo in the afternoon, have dinner at the River Walk, then drive north about 50 miles where we would check into a motel for the night; the next day we would spend outdoors in nature by a river. While it was a great trip, the plan didn't quite pan out.

The drive from Houston was uneventful; the kids watched DVDs in the back while we chatted and drove, stopping once for lunch and to fill up the tank. When we arrived we went straight to the Alamo and looked around until it was time for dinner. We walked over to the River Walk, stopping at the Visitor Center which was on the way. They made some restaurant recommendations for good TexMex. The River Walk was crowded but one of the restaurants we were looking for was able to seat us right away, although we had to be inside rather than by the water. Food was excellent as was the margarita, and the most memorable was the made to order guacamole. They made the guacamole right in front of us at the table starting with whole avocados; it was absolutely delectable.

After dinner we walked around for a bit and then headed out north to the motel where we had made reservations. We drove for just over an hour until we arrived. The kids had fallen asleep during the drive, so Rashed and Janice went in to check in while I waited in the van so that we could take the kids straight to bed when we unloaded. A good 20 minutes must have passed before they came back. Turned out the motel made a mistake and we actually did not have rooms. The owner had another motel not too far away so they had to arrange for two rooms there which took a while. When we arrived at the other motel our first reaction was that it did not look too inviting. We hesitated for a bit, then Janice suggested that we drive around the back to check it out. From the parking lot at the back the motel looked even less inviting: the long, rundown balcony with rows of doors and windows, dark and scary. Then a moment later we saw a large woman in her sweat shirt and sweat pants with her two daughters climbing up the stairs with two large, hairy dogs. That sight just sealed the deal. The thought of possibly finding a room with dander in the bed, furniture and carpet just completely turned us off.

We decided to drive back 50 miles to San Antonio and check in at the Marriott River Walk hotel. Janice called to reserve rooms and cancel the motel. We changed our plans for the next day; we spent the day at Sea World instead of being outdoors in nature. In the end that turned out to be the right call because the children had a tremendous amount of fun there; they were very sad to leave at the end of the day.

here to see the photos.
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