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Whole wheat pancakes

This morning I decided to make some whole wheat pancakes for the family. Here is the recipe which is very quick to make; you will need a flour mill to mill the wheat into flour. This recipe makes 10 very soft, fluffy and delicious, medium-sized pancakes. Read More...

Breakfast this morning

About three years ago my cholesterol was borderline high. As I was researching cholesterol and its effects I learned that the nutrients and fiber in grains of whole wheat help reduce cholesterol and have a long list of other nutritional benefits. Whole kernels of wheat have 46 nutrients in them, almost everything the body needs. Bleached white flour has only one: carbohydrates; and that too with a relatively high glycemic index. In "enriched" flour four of the nutrients are added back into the flour at the end of the process. I thought to myself that no wonder a hundred years ago people could live on a diet of bread, cheese and water; you put someone on a diet of (Wonder) bread, cheese and water today and he/she will die very quickly of malnourishment! I also learned that even though you can find whole wheat flour and whole wheat products on the store shelf, milled wheat flour has a short shelf life, i.e. many of the nutrients begin to decompose and by the time you buy a packet of flour at the store it has very little nutrients left. (Read on for the waffle recipe) Read More...