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PBS Writing Contest

Unity is a prolific writer. Her 3rd grade teacher from John Cooper recommended that she enter into the PBS writing contest where children from various schools submit their writings based on rules published by PBS for the contest. This year there were 600 entries from which they pick 1 winner and 10 honorable mentions from each grade, kindergarten through third. Unity received one of the honorable mentions. We were invited by PBS to an award ceremony at the Children's Museum in Houston yesterday. Her teacher was also invited. Pictured here is Unity with her teacher right after the ceremony at the Children's museum.


Unity turns 9

Unity turned 9 last weekend. To celebrate, we took her and her friends to Landry's seafood restaurant for lunch followed by the Alley Theatre to see Wonderland: Alice’s New Musical Adventure. Click through to see a couple of more photos. Read More...

Unity learns to canter

Unity has been walking and trotting on a horse since she started her training. A couple of weeks ago, I took her to the riding lesson and she was very excited when the instructor let her canter on the horse. She came home all giddy and jumping up and down talking about the exhilarating feeling the cantering was.

Out with Unity

Unity and I went out this afternoon to spend some quality time together. It was a chilly day, so we got some hot chocolate and peach gelato and sat outside. We then explored the Woodlands Waterfront area for a while—the walking was good exercise for me. Later we drove to Lake Woodlands and fed the ducks. We sat and watched the all the different colors changing every minute as the sun was setting by the lake. And then it was time to head home for dinner. The best part of the few hours was the great conversations I had with her about life's little (but important) lessons.

Pictured here Unity is walking briskly near the Woodlands Waterfront area earlier today.

Unity loves riding

Unity has finally found an extracurricular activity that she loves. Twice a week she eagerly looks forward to going to her horseback riding lessons. Last week she participated in the “egg and spoon race” where you have to balance a tennis ball on the spoon while riding. If the ball falls of the spoon, you need to get off the horse, pick up the ball, get back on your horse and continue riding. The first person to reach the end and drop the ball and the spoon into the barrel wins the race. Unity won third place which was quite impressive since most of the other kids participating were older than her.

Unity's birthday

Here is a short video clip from Unity's birthday on February 7, 2009. She turned 8.

Cats in the house

I found two cats in the house this morning. The first one likes to sit on the window of the master bathroom and read books by the natural light. This is also a good way to hide from Wesley. The other cat loves candy cane. Click through to see him on the dining table with his favorite candy. Read More...