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Wesley Turns 5

For Wesley’s 5th birthday we celebrated just ourselves in the evening since it was a school night (photo left). The following weekend we had a pool party at home with his cousins (photo right).

Wesley's birthday

Here is a short video clip from Wesley's birthday on May 28, 2009. He turned 4.


Last night when Janice was preparing Wesley's bed Wesley wanted to help. Janice gave him some tasks to do like straightening the sheets. While Wesley helped, Janice explained to him the concept of teamwork. The minds of 3-year-olds are like sponges—they soak everything up. But in this case the concepts of preparing a bed and teamwork may have been a bit confused. I suggested to Wesley that the pillows needed to be put in their place and Wesley proudly asked, "Dad, can I do the teamwork all by myself?"

Cats in the house

I found two cats in the house this morning. The first one likes to sit on the window of the master bathroom and read books by the natural light. This is also a good way to hide from Wesley. The other cat loves candy cane. Click through to see him on the dining table with his favorite candy. Read More...