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We wanted to do something other than turkey for Thanksgiving this year. We ended up deciding on pheasants partly because some fresh pheasants were available and partly because it has been a while since I cooked pheasants. I prepared an 8 course meal this year. The highlight was the 1995 Grands Echezeaux Grand Cru that we paired with the Pheasant; Janice and I bought it in 1998 and have been holding on to it for the last ten years. For the initial courses we had an incredible Didier Dagenau Fumé Blanc.

Here is the menu in order:
  1. Roasted red pepper sorbet with olive oil, toasted pine nuts and chives
  2. Belgian endive and Basil salad with berries, toasted almonds and a mustard vinaigrette
  3. Pan fried Dover sole with a shallot and lemon leaf sauce and steamed carrot
  4. Curried, grilled lamb chops with crème frache dip
  5. Roasted pheasants, citrus glaze, truffled cauliflower purée and cranberry sauce
  6. Lemongrass and basil granita (the palette cleanser)
  7. Sautéed pears with pear coulis and crème frache
  8. Cheese plate: Humboldt Fog, Gruyère and quince paste

here for the photographs.
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