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Medium Format Film

This is my collection of medium format equipment. Most of these are built to last longer than me.
Hasselblad 503CW
I use this medium format primarily for portraits and landscapes. I have done one wedding with this camera. It is built like a tank and will probably outlast me. It comes with the waist level finder and the winding crank but I use the prism viewfinder and the powered winder instead. The focussing screen is quite bright. These days I scan the film instead of printing in a chemical darkroom, but still develop my own films if time permits.
Hasselblad Planar CFE 80mm f/2.8
This is the standard lens with a fast aperture that I use most often. The lens is very small and light. Great for indoors with the D-40 flash. I used it at an outdoor wedding in Hawaii with outstanding results.
Hasselblad CFE 40mm f/4
This wideangle lens is huge and weighs in at over two and half pounds. It gives an 89-degree diagonal angle of view (69-degree horizontal). The sharpness and image quality are outstanding.
Hasselblad Sonnar CFE 180mm f/4
This lens feels smaller and light in my hand compared to the 40mm. This is a medium telephoto that I use for portraits but it is also good for basic close-ups (although the closest focusing distance is 5ft). Like the other lenses, the performance is outstanding.
Hasselblad PME 90
This is a 90-degree prism viewfinder with a built in TTL meter. It has three metering patterns: spot, center weighted and incident light using the dome on top. I normally use this instead of the waist level finder because of the meter and because it is easy to handhold using the winder with this viewfinder.
Hasselblad Winder CW
This winder when attached, automatically winds the film at 0.8 frames/sec in continuous mode. It is quite loud, but great for handheld, walking-around pictures and for indoors.
Hasselblad IR Remote
The IR remote control works with the winder attached to the camera. There are IR sensors on the winder.
Hasselblad Flash D-40
This is flash is quite amazing. With a guide number of 137/40 (ft/m), it is a fully automatic TTL flash with a reflector that can be adjusted for wide angle and normal. The head swivels 330-degrees, tilts up 90-degrees and down 10-degrees.
Hasselblad Magazine A12
Magazine for 120 film that gives me 12 exposures of 6x6 cm frames.
Hasselblad Magazine A24
Magazine for 220 film that gives me 24 exposures of 6x6 cm frames.